Federico Ramírez

Full stack web developer, gamer and cat lover from Argentina

  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript
  • MVC
  • Symfony
  • Backbone
  • Knockout.js
  • Linux
  • Nginx
  • MySQL
Not available for freelance work

Open Source Projects

Ninja Blaze is a turn-based browser game prototype written in Javascript using Node, Express, Jade, Backbone, Socket.io, MySQL, Bower, Gulp and Nginx. See Repository
Blueberry is a toy programming language inspired by CoffeeScript and created using a PEG. It resembles Ruby's syntax and compiles to PHP. See Repository
Katar is a simplistic template engine for PHP, developed as an exercise to work on a Rescursive Descent Parser. It's functional and quite fast, it even has a Silex service provider. See Repository
Tweenr is a tiny (1.3kb min+gzip) no-dependencies property tweening library. It was designed to abstract the tweening of values from the rendering mechanism. See Repository
backbone-modal enables you to display a BackBone view in a modal fashion. Quick and easy with no external dependencies. See Repository

CodeCanyon Items

jQuery Rating is a plugin which turns a regular HTML input into a beautiful rating widget. It integrates nicely with HTML 5 validation. See on CodeCanyon
Metro DateTime Picker is a Metro inspired widget which enables the user to select a date and time in a Windows Metro fashion. It's highly customizable and has no hard dependencies. See on CodeCanyon
Ultra DB is a flat-files database designed to work in very limited environments. It can be an alternative to SQLite, or it can serve as a cache layer. It's fast and has a rich and simple querying API. See on CodeCanyon

Federico Ramírez