Hello, I'm Federico Ramirez, a full stack web developer from Argentina

"Freelancing is what I love, and I focus all my effort in delivering the best possible solution for each client, please feel free to take a look at my work and contact me, I'd love to hear from you!" – Federico

Latest Works

Studio WP

Full website for StudioWP, my personal studio. Includes design, setting up a server from scratch using Nginx + HHVM + MariaDB + Ubuntu and WordPress installation & configuration.


Design and development for Apipu, a website pretty similar to Yelp, it's development is based on Symfony2.

Barbero Inmobiliaria

Website for Barbero's estate agency, it's solution is based on WordPress, hosted on their servers.

Open Source Projects

I love contributing to open source projects as well as working on personal projects whenever I have free time. Below are some of my favourite Open Source projects I have created.



Katar is a PHP template engine designed to be simple and easy to use and extend, it consist of only three files, a tokenizer, a parser and a code-generation class. It's fast, and aggressively uses cache.



Toy programming language with Ruby-like syntax which compiles to PHP. It was created as an exercie for learning more on creation of programming languages.

StudioWP Google Maps for WordPress


A WordPress plugin which enables the end-user to easily embed Google Maps inside posts using a simple shortcode.

Aside from Open Source projects I have a bunch of useful reusable widgets I sell on CodeCanyon.

About Me

  • Location Argentina
  • Birth date Feb 28 1990
  • Languages English, Spanish
  • Technologies Linux, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, .NET, Javascript, LESS/SASS, Node, Gulp/Grunt, jQuery, MV* Frameworks (Symfony2, CodeIgniter, ASP.NET MVC, Backbone, CanJS), Git

I'm a full-stack web developer from Argentina with a passion for Open Source, good practices and beautiful, clean designs. I've been creating websites for more than 5 years, my favourite languages are Javascript and PHP but I have experience with .NET aswell.

Let's talk

The preferred contact form is email, nevertheless you can use any of the websites above. If you'd like to start a project you can use StudioWP's project builder form.